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Reasons To Replace Your Factory's Old Compressor With A Direct Drive Rotary Air Compressor

If your factory's old air compressor is starting to wear down, you may be getting ready to replace it with a new one. However, before you go shopping around for the same belt-driven model you have been using, consider the reasons why you may want to switch to a direct drive rotary air compressor.

1.  Fewer Parts That Can Break Down

Although it may not seem like it, a lot goes on inside of your belt-driven compressor to compress and deliver the built-up air. A belt inside of the machine must work two pulleys to work the motor.

While this is a fairly simple setup, it has the main disadvantage of having more parts that could break. If a belt breaks while you are using the compressor on the line, the downtime while waiting for its replacement can cost the company lost time and money.

However, if you opt for a direct drive compressor, there are no belts or pulleys with which to contend. The motor is directly connected to the crankshaft, which eliminates the extra parts. This, in turn, means fewer breakdowns and more time spent working instead of waiting for repairs.

2.  Compression Is Available Almost Immediately

Another major advantage of a direct driven compressor over a belt-driven model is the speed at which the compressed air is available. With your current model, you probably have to turn on the machine and wait while the air is compressed. This is because you have to wait for the motor to warm up, turn the belt and pulleys, and generate the compression.

However, with a direct driven compressor, the process is more direct. Because the motor directly works the crankshaft, you do not have to wait until the compressed air is available. This almost instant availability means you can get started working faster without the unnecessary downtime. 

3.  Less Energy Is Consumed

Since a belt-driven compressor has more moving parts, the motor must work harder to keep the machine operating. As a result, it will consume a lot of energy, whether your model is electric or gas powered.

With the direct drive models, you do not have the extra strain on the motor. As a result, you will find that you spend less money on fuel or electricity to keep the machine operating during the work day.

If your factory is in need of a new compressor, you should seriously consider switching out your belt-driven model for direct drive rotary air compressor. For more information, speak with your industrial supplier to learn more about the various sizes and options available to you.