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Are Your CNC Machines Protected? 4 Times You Should Warm Them Up During The Winter

If you operate CNC machines in your shop, it's time to start worrying about winter. The cold weather can wreak havoc on your machines, especially if you don't conduct routine warmup programs. During the summer, the warmup programs aren't as important, since your machines never have the opportunity to get really cold. However, that's not the case during the winter, when the colder temperatures can cause your machines to freeze up. Here are four specific times when you need to run a warmup program for your CNC machines.

1. When You Start up in the Morning

If you don't run a 24-hour shop, your machines are probably shut down overnight. If that's the case, you need to run a warmup program on all your machines as soon before you start the work day. Your machines will need a few minutes to get up to the proper operating temperature. They'll also need that time to properly warm up all the fluids that will lubricate your machines.

2. When Your Machine has Been Idle

If your CNC machines run non-stop throughout the day, you won't need to worry about mid-day warmups. However, if your machines are going to be idle for more than a few hours during the work day, you'll need to run a warmup program before you resume your work. This is particularly important during the winter when machines can get cold quickly.

3. When Your Shop Stays Cold

If your machine shop stays cold during the winter, you should run a warmup program whenever your machines sit idle for more than an hour. A good rule of thumb is to run the warmup program after extended breaks and when you return from lunch, especially when the temperatures inside the shop have dipped.

4. When You Need Tight Tolerance

If your current project requires your machines to maintain a tight tolerance, you need to increase the frequency of your warmup programs. During freezing temperatures, your CNC machine can get too cold to operate properly after just a few minutes of non-use. The best way to protect your machines during freezing temperatures is to run the warmup program even after a brief bathroom or maintenance break.

Don't take chances with the CNC machines in your shop this winter. As soon as the temperatures hit the freeze-zone, start running your warmup programs more often. Your machines will run better, and you'll avoid costly temperature-related malfunctions. Contact a company like MGM plastics today to learn more.