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3 Potential Causes Of Well Pump Failure

Private wells are used by many homeowners to access a fresh supply of water. These wells deliver water directly from an underground well into a home's plumbing system with the help of a pump. The pump serves as the workhorse of the well system.

Pump failure can leave you without access to clean water in your home for a period of time. Be proactive in addressing some of the potential reasons a well pump might fail to extend the life of your well pump system.

1. Home Expansion

Homeowners can choose to expand the size of their living space by constructing an addition to their existing residence. These additions can add valuable square footage to a home, but they can also increase the demand for water within the home.

A well pump and pressure tank are sized according to the design of your home's plumbing system. When you alter the original system by constructing an additional bathroom or adding an outdoor kitchen, you put your well pump at risk of failing.

The well pump will have to work harder to meet your increased water demands, resulting in premature pump failure. Determine whether you need to upgrade to a larger well pump following a home expansion to avoid performance issues with your private well in the future.

2. Low Water Table

The amount of water in a private well can fluctuate on a daily basis. Drought conditions can cause the water table to drop significantly, leaving your submersible pump at risk of breaking down.

It's essential that you raise and lower your submersible well pump in relation to the fluctuations in the water table to maximize the performance of your well system. Leaving a submersible pump out of the water for too long will cause the motor to blow, leaving you without a functional well pump.

3. Sediment

Sand particles, minerals, and other particulate debris found in residential wells can be damaging to your well pump. These small particles can find their way into your pump as water is siphoned out of the well by the pump. The particles act as an abrasive element that can slowly cause significant wear on the bearings and valves within your pump.

If a water quality test shows high concentrations of sand or mineral particles within your water supply, install a filtration device to protect your well pump against the damage abrasive particles can cause.

For more information on well pump repair, contact a company such as David Cannon Well Drilling.